• Hudson Update

    Hudson, the abused Weimaraner blend puppy is continuing to improve, please follow his progress.

    Hudson Update

    Upcoming Events

    Every year, CARE holds several ticketed special events. These events help us to raise funds to help us rescue more dogs in Bexar county. Attending these events is a great and fun way to support CARE’S mission.

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  • How to Help CARE

    We at CARE are very proud of our volunteers commitment and dedication. Our CARE programs allow volunteers to provide shelter for abandoned and abused animals, work special events and advance their knowledge of animal behavior.

    Here are some meaningful ways for you to get involved:

  • On Facebook

    Happy #NationalDogDay! Today the nation joins CARE in celebrating dogs. Here are just a few of the fabulous dogs we have available you may not have seen! If you're ready for a dog, just waiting for us to post, don't wait, email adoptions@caretx.org today! We market over many avenues and not all get posted to Facebook, so don't miss out, reach out!

    Don't forget to give your dogs an extra hug today!

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    Maximillion found his way into CARE this evening! This young man clearly knows how to get ahead in life! While he has found his foster home, he's eager to find his forever home! If you're looking for a a young adult and need a low shedder, Max is the boy for you! Please email adoptions@caretx.org for more information! ...

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    Welcome to CARE, Mr. Fisher!

    Fisher is a 10-12 wk border collie blend looking for his forever home! If you are in need of a puppy breath fix but cannot take Fisher into your home permanently, please consider fostering!

    For more information on Fisher, please email adoptions@caretx.org or call Peggy at 210-313-3600

    Foster and adoption forms can be found at www.caretx.org/forms

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    Do you read our posts and think you'd like to help, but there's nothing you can do? Every day, we try to share with you that every small amount helps if you're unable to foster a dog! Some young entrepreneurs in Portland took the message to heart! Take a look at what Sophia & Ella did with CARE alum Sweetie! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you ladies, great job!! This donation will provide medicals for our next adopted dog!

    "Sophia and her friend Ella raised $61.17 today at their fresh squeezed lemonade & limeade stand. The money will go to support CARE- the dog Rescue in Texas where we got Sweetie. Even the UPS driver stopped for a cup. They are excited to be able to help save more dogs from being euthanized and get them ready for their forever homes and families. They also handed out info to customers about CARE and how to adopt. We are so proud of them! www.caretx.org"

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    WE NEED FOSTERS!!! Please help, only if you can only do it short term, this at least helps us with our boarding costs and more importantly helps us begin socializing our dogs.

    These lovely ladies are still in need of foster homes! They're 1-2 years old and have some manners already, they just need to be reminded and rewarded with the love of a foster family!

    If you can help, please email adoptions@caretx.org or call:text Peggy at 210-313-3600

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  • Welcome to CARE

    CARE, Cressie Animal Refuge and Enrichment, is a nonprofit organization committed to rescue homeless and very adoptable dogs and place them into a permanent, stable home.

    About CARE