• Hudson Update

    Hudson, the abused Weimaraner blend puppy is continuing to improve, please follow his progress.

    Hudson Update

    Upcoming Events

    Every year, CARE holds several ticketed special events. These events help us to raise funds to help us rescue more dogs in Bexar county. Attending these events is a great and fun way to support CARE’S mission.

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  • How to Help CARE

    We at CARE are very proud of our volunteers commitment and dedication. Our CARE programs allow volunteers to provide shelter for abandoned and abused animals, work special events and advance their knowledge of animal behavior.

    Here are some meaningful ways for you to get involved:

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    Hi everyone, hope you guys are having a nice day. We need help now that CARE saved us from the shelter. We are now looking for our forever home and a temporary foster home. If you can help us out pleas call the office at (210)858-8422 or email admin@caretx.org. ...

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    HOME FOUND! Woo hoo!

    Bulverde area CARE family - this young (1-2 years) lab mix needs a family to teach him some doggy manners and show him some love! If you can help us help him, please email adoptions@caretx.org.

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    Hi everyone we are looking for a foster home as well as our forever home. Can you help us out? To foster or adopt please email adoptions@caretx.org or call Ione at (210)365-7224

    Please click on the pictures for more description.

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    This is Champ, and what a champ he is! A sweet medium sized collie/terrier mix who was rescued by one of our CARE family has been nursed back to health an very well socialized! Champ loves his foster pack, but he's ready to find his forever home! He's doing well with people of all ages and getting along well with other dogs! Champ is a great size about 35-40 lbs and probably about 5 years old. If you're looking for a well balanced companion of your own, email adoptions@caretx.org and ask for Champ! ...

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    Hi my name is Rocky and I am a 3 year old terrier mix and I am looking for a foster home or this thing called a "forever home." I heard something about a forever home on the streets of San Antonio but have not been able to experience it yet. Can you help me out?

    If you can help me, please call CARE at (210)858-8422 or email admin@caretx.org

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  • Welcome to CARE

    CARE, Cressie Animal Refuge and Enrichment, is a nonprofit organization committed to rescue homeless and very adoptable dogs and place them into a permanent, stable home.

    About CARE