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Out Of State Adoptions

When You Adopt A Pet From CareTX.org You Agree To A Certain Quality Of Life For Your Pet.

CareTX.org is happy to provide adoptions to any family living in the Continental United States, and Canada. However, due to the cost of transport and extra care for the animal, the method and cost of out of state adoptions differs slightly from local adoptions.

CareTX.org takes the welfare of our animals very seriously. Anyone considering adopting an animal must understand that this is not a decision to be made lightly or on an emotional whim. Adopters must understand the expectations we have of families who will adopt our pets:

Extra Care Required!

Adoption Fee Costs

The out of state adoption fees are posted in U.S. currency and include flight, health certificate, crate and our adoption fee. For Canadian flights there are local tax fees that are required at the border.

Prices May Vary

Price varies for pets based on weight and airline used for transport.

Crates Are Safe & Comfortable

Our crates are airline approved to provide a safe and comfortable plane or truck ride for the animal being transported. While these crates work very well for long trips, they are not ideal for everyday family living.

For Adoption information:

Contact Jessica at:

(210) 315-9055

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