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Happy Stories of Rescue

The Story of Mazzy

The Story of Huck

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that our sweet Huckleberry has been such a great addition to our family in so many ways, but last night he may have saved my life. My husband was out of town this weekend, and late last night Huck (and his sister, Betty) started behaving like I’d never seen before. Their neck and back hair was standing on end, and (mostly Huck, but Betty also) they growled in a low, menacing, visceral growl and barked an extremely aggressive bark I’d never heard from them before. They were completely fixated on my back door, and didn’t back down after two straight hours. I decided to call 911, and three police officers searched our property. While they found nothing, they did say that they had received a call from the area earlier, and a man was on a family’s back porch, trying their doorknob. Oddly (or not) the dogs completely settled in, and went to sleep after the police left. I imagine a critter would have been more likely to be scared off by a dog than a cop, making me believe there likely was a person in my yard. Very unsettling!

I think he may have saved my home–if not my life,–last night, and I’m so grateful he’s a part of our family. I love that a once-stray dog we adopted has so much loyalty and duty for his home and family. I would love for you to share his story! If it could aid in motivation for someone to adopt a dog, it would be a great honor. I can’t thank you enough for what you do! If anyone is curious about Huck’s life in Oregon, he’s in many of the pictures on his sister Betty’s Instagram @3leggedbetty

The Story of Sanya

Hi friends! I have been living in WA for 3 months now and you would not believe how my life has turned around for the better. While I was a stray dog in San Antonio, I did not know that dogs could live happy lives. I had no idea that dogs could have families that loved them and took care of them, that they could snuggle with humans and play with them too. Now I know that such happiness is real because it happens to me everyday. I get treats often, I go on outings in the car, and I especially love my daily walks. I’ve also been mountain hiking!!!! More importantly, I have a mom and a human sister who love me and say beautiful things about me. They say that I am loveable, sweet and affectionate. They say that I am WONDERFUL! I am so thankful that they opened their hearts to me. Now that my sister is going to college, I am giving my mom a lot of companionship so she does not feel lonely. That’s what dogs do, right? We take care of our humans and love them unconditionally. I am so happy that CARE made it possible for me to find a family to love, and to be loved for the first time in my life. Thanks CARE!

The Story of Larry

Bronn, formerly Larry, says hello from Portland.
Good evening my friends. I’m Larry, one of the pups that were fostered by Miss Beverly in San Antonio and Miss Meaghan in Portland. I’m here to tell you that I’ve found my permanent, furever, for always, until the end of time home. Yep! I now have a family that I can call my own. My family is very special. They tell me that I’m the perfect addition and I agree wholeheartedly. I am doing my best to impress them: I even “crate” (the crate is in my mom and dad’s room) myself around bedtime with my froggy I picked out at the pet store. The only member that I have not been able to please is one of the cats. Calvin (the blonde tabby in the photo) is actually very friendly, but the other cat is what people call an “introvert” and is not a fan of the new addition – that’s me. But I don’t lose sleep about this because it won’t be long before we become buddies. Or at least he’ll learn to tolerate me. I am very tolerable so I really don’t worry. So… that’s my pupdate to you. I hope you all have a delightful long weekend and remember that CARE works non stop to help pups like me. Your very happy friend, Vein be

The Story of Harry

Hi friends,It’s Harry here, back in Portland. Did you know that doggies cannot enroll in a frequent flyer program? That is very unfair, don’t you agree? I want my air miles!!!!! I flew to Portland a while ago to be fostered by lovely Ms. Meaghan but I had to fly back to San Antonio to have surgery on my hip. Dr. Patin in Bulverde did a wonderful job on my surgery and Angela, Lorne, Amy and Oscar all took turns fostering me to get me rehabilitated. I had a fantastic time staying with all these wonderful families but I was even happier when I found out that I had been adopted in Portland. I didn’t mind having to fly back to Portland at all, I just want my miles! If any of you works in the airline industry, please tell someone there that flying doggies should earn air miles the same way humans do. And rescues that fly doggies should get miles too. Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now, to tell you what my life is like today. I have a charmed life, as you can see by my pictures. My mommy, Ms. Jennie, says that I’m intelligent and happy and loving. She also says that I am incredibly good natured. I am very active and I enjoy running. My mom says that I’m like a jackrabbit when I run, which shows how well my surgery went. I am very grateful with everyone who helped me get where I am. I know my surgery, medical care, and air travel costs were expensive, so I really appreciate that CARE spared no expense to give me the best care and to find me the best home in the world. They are truly amazing. Now, please call your airline for me, ok? Love from your frequent flyer dog, Harry

The Story of Stanley

Good evening dear friends. I am happy to report that CARE has done it again: they saved another dog from euthanasia at the city shelter and found him a loving family that welcomed him with an open heart. In this case, it was me. Last Spring my sister May and I ended up in the San Antonio City shelter through no fault of our own. We were very scared because we understood that we were homeless and that if no one stepped up for us we could … well, you know, go to sleep forever. Mrs. Peggy wouldn’t allow that and she scooped us up and found us two amazing fosters: Mrs. Mary Ann and Mr. Miho. Then they found us both two great families – my sister was adopted in Canada and I found my forever family in Portland. My new life in Portland is truly exciting. I love to swim and play fetch in the water so my family takes me to the water often. I also have a 15 year old cat, Horatio, with whom I enjoy chilling out. It has been quite a process but Horatio and I have reached some sort of unspoken agreement and we get along quite well. I also love going to the dog park. It took me a couple of puppy socialization classes to be able to loosen up around other dogs, but now I am very happy around my canine peeps. But one of my favorite things to do is have lunch outdoors with my mom. She’s a great dining companion and she feels the same way about me. So, I feel very blessed and I wanted to share my happiness with you. Your friend, Stanley

The Story of Belle

Belle sings a song from her new home in Colorado, “Don’t be fooled by the toys that I got. I’m still, I’m still Belle from the block. Used to have a little, now I have a lot. No matter where I go, I know where I came from (San Antonio city shelter!”Ok, so I may not be J.Lo, but I do remember my humble beginnings and I’ve convinced my family to adopt another pup from San Antonio. You see, I know how lucky I am to have found such a loving family. I lived on the streets and went through a lot of hardship until I was rescued by CARE. Thanks to them I have a family that adores me and I am pretty spoiled. Now I want to share my good fortune with another Texan dog in need and I’ve put Ms. Vickie is on a mission to find me a sibling. The only challenge is that my parents want a dog that is as perfect as I am!!! It is going to be tough, because modesty aside, I am very awesome. But Ms. Vickie will not disappoint, I can assure you that. And there is no shortage of fabulous dogs in San Antonio looking for homes. So if you are also looking for a fantastic companion, call Ms. Vickie or email her at . She’s a doggie matchmaker like you have never seen before. 
Your friend, 
Belle from the block.

The Story of Milo

Hello CARE friends! It’s me Milo aka Yasha checking in from Vancouver. I am doing great here and getting lots of love and exercise. My mom says I have the sweetest heart and make her smile every day with my happy dance and total devotion. I want to thank CARE and my wonderful foster family, Gabrielle and Alexander for taking excellent care of me! I was skin and bones and pretty worn out from neglect and a hard life on the streets. My foster fam say it is so rewarding to help urgent dogs like me that CARE saves from the shelter. Please open your heart and home to doggies like me so CARE can save more lives:)

The Story of Ike

Hi! Remember me? I’m Ike, but you knew me by the name Eisenhower. I am now living in WA with my new family. I’ll start by saying that in my new home I have a very active social life- I’ve met cows, goats, chickens, ducks, a burrow, grandkids, neighbors, friends staying from out of state, UPS and FedEx drivers, and I have not missed a beat. I also enjoy being a puppy and doing puppy stuff, although I know some habits are not good to keep. Like stealing shoes and chewing on them. So when my mom says “No Ike”, I listen and I drop the right shoe I am chewing – only to go get the left one. But hey, I’m just a pup, and I’m learning. Dad says I’m learning fast and he has enrolled me in obedience training classes to get even better at it. Little by little, my name has changed from “No Ike” to just “ike”. As you can see in my pictures I have a very good life – I even included a picture of the view from the porch so you can see the animals that share my backyard. Life is fun now, and happy, and safe, THANKS to CARE and especially Connie and Gary Evans for picking me up off the street as a stray and getting me to boarding and all my medical taken care of! You two are the best! Thanks also to the great family that chose to adopt me.

The Story of Gillian (Gracie)

It’s me Gillian, now Gracie!! I literally just got off the airplane and just had to let you know I made it safe and sound. My new Mom was here to greet me which was nice since I kinda miss my old Foster Mom Karen. Karen helped foster me and my brother Norton. We were both super shy, but Karen and Mister Mike were patient and cuddled us and loved on us. Our foster dogs siblings helped us come out of our shell too!! Those guys are great!! I’m excited to start my new life with my new Mom, Dad and her kiddos. I am 1 of 7 pups saved from euthanasia at the city shelter. My brother came with me to the airport but flew to a place called Alaska!! Sounds cool right?? Well I am thankful for my new home, my super duper foster parents and dogs, and CARE for pulling my family out and giving us hope!! My Foster parents think I was a great foster dog!! And I think more folks should foster so more sweet puppies and dogs can live a dreamy life like me!! Hopefully my brother Norton will check in from Alaska soon!!
Hugs, Gillian/Gracie

The Story of Oso

Hi folks, just a quick update to let you all know that I am a happy dog up here in Tacoma!! I have a great Mom and am learning to like my new sibling “Sugar”. She is a cat!! I like her more than she likes me, but I am planning to win her over very soon. Mom has us enrolled in dog training classes and I start very soon. Mom thinks I will be the STAR of the class because my foster Moms did such a great job teaching me all the basics!! I love my foster moms Jenna and Kim. If it weren’t for them, I would not have landed these awesome digs!! I have a huge basket full of toys and am looking forward to a happy life and exploring my new surroundings with my new Mom Pat!! I’d like to thank the CARE team for helping me and finding me a home! I was adopted as a puppy to a family in San Antonio and they put me in the back yard and didn’t spend anytime with me and then when I grew up and was big and neglected, they said I was too big and unruly. It was very sad when they dropped me off ata kill shelter. Miss Peggy came right over and got me out of there! I was big and unruly but CARE didn’t give up on me! Thanks to Jenna and Kim, you loved me and believed in me! My Mom says we are a match made in heaven!! Pretty cool right??? My wish is that all shelter dogs get happy ending like me!! Please foster for CARE! Everybody deserves a chance!! Love Oso

The Story of Takoda

You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to lounge on my couch. I was found wandering the streets of San Antonio with my sister Lady and life had been anything but good to us. Living on the streets is brutal, and the loneliness, pain, and fear we go through everyday often leave scars on our bodies and souls. Maybe that is why the couch means so much to me – the comforts of home, the feeling of being part of a family, and the softness and warmth that contrast so sharply with the hard streets where I used to live. And then there’s the toys. I will spare you my analysis about toys and I’ll just say that THEY’RE FUN!!!! My new life is all happiness now. I live in New Jersey with a family that says that they are blessed to have me. I am so so blessed to have them! They are wonderful to me. I am a very relaxed guy whose only fear is carpeted stairs – go figure! But I’m sure I’ll overcome that fear once I internalize that the carpeted stairs are one more luxury in my new life. Thank you Ms. Louan for saving me and my sister, and thank you CARE for finding me my new home. From the comforts of my couch, Thank YOU! Your friend, Takoda.

The Story of Jagger

It’s been so fun to watch him grow from a clumsy little puppy into a happy, loving, adventurous, curious, little guy. We go to the big dog park every day where he has met some great puppy friends who he’s basically grown up with now. He loves the game of chase and keep away with his sticks, he loves to explore the trails, and I can’t say enough how much he loves THE MUD! His newest favorite activity is to swim; He’s still working on convincing his puppy friends that it’s pretty cool but for now he’s enjoying it on his own. He’s such a smart little guy, he excelled in his puppy training classes. We keep trying to find new ways to challenge him. For example, we’ve bought a few treat puzzles and he shocks us every time at how quickly he figures them out. He is still trying to convince his cat sister that he’s a fun guy to play with… every now and again she’ll test him out but otherwise he’s extremely respectful of her boundaries and she’s warming up to him more and more. I’m crossing my fingers for the day we find them snuggled up together in his bed. We are just so in love. Jack immediately became a part of our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way! He’s the favorite in the family, and everyone in the neighborhood stops by to say hi to him on their walks! There isn’t a friendlier or happier puppy out there! Thank you for following up with us again – we always love to share updates about Jack – he’s all we talk about!

The Story of Beverley

Beverley is settling in quickly! She was a little shaky after getting off the plane but within 2 minutes her tail was wagging. Today we went on a walk to my moms house where she made 3 doggy friends who she played so well with. Then she spent the afternoon running around the yard with my son. They are both snuggled on the couch napping together and I have a feeling they will be the best of friends. We are all so in love and couldn’t thank everyone who helped get her here enough.

The Story of Kelly

I am sending you this note to tell you how much fun I am having in my new home. I moved in 2 weeks ago and I have taken over the place. After several run ins with Buddie the cat, we are now tolerating each other. We are not close friends yet but I’m sure we’ll get there.I love my toys, my treats, and my daily walks. My family is just awesome and they tell me every day how happy they are to have adopted me. My mom is surely the best mom in the world. She had lost her mini Schnauzer with Congestive Heart Failure and after a few weeks she started looking for another dog. Everytime she searched online, my picture and profile came up. She thought it was crazy that I kept showing up, but now we both think that this was a sign that we were meant to be together. I came to CARE with a case of Heartwormies and they found an awesome foster family and Carol gave me so much love so I could get healthy before going to my new home. I’m glad I had to wait because that gave my mommy time to decide to adopt me. Thank you to Carol and my CARE family for helping me find my forever home. A special thanks to my foster family, without whom I would not be here. Warmly, Kelly

The Story of Bentley

Hi there, it is me, Bentley! I wanted to say hello to y’all and give you an update on my charmed life. I have an acre of yard to run around and two other dogs to play with: Pepper and Samantha. I enjoy riding in my dad’s truck. I have a close connection with nature and I generously share my food with the bluejays and the occasional rabbit. The winter months I like to sleep by the fireplace. I am a very happy guy and I have very good manners: I will shake your hand and I will always sit for a treat . All in all, I am one lucky guy, don’t you think? Sincerely, Bentley

The Story of Carson

The Story of Lola

Hi, I’m Lola formerly Della I am 9 months old. I live in Washington now with my mom and her family. I love it here because there is so much water! My family got me a kiddie pool over the summer to play in and I can’t wait to graduate to the big pool this summer…I am definitely a water dog. My mom was curious to what I was because all she knew was lab, she got a DNA test and it turns out I am a a Lab and Springer Spaniel Mix! So I am very smart and very energetic, I want so badly to be a good doggy and please all the people who love me! I love all dogs and cats, I love my family’s kitty Zeke we take naps together all the time! Jack is their Schnauzer Poodle and I get him to chase me every chance I get. I love my toys…all of them I carry a toy around almost everywhere and when nobody is around I play catch with myself! I also love to go to the dog park and chase everyone else’s ball, just not my own. It’s one of my favorite places to go! But my all time favorite place to be is wherever my mom is, I rarely leave her side. I like to protect her from scary sounds with my really deep bark. She lets me sleep next to her just like a human even though I have my own doggy bed in her room, I like the human bed because my mom lets me stretch my long legs out as far as I want! My family loves me so much and I am very happy with my forever home. Thank you CARE for saving me!!! -Alison and Lola “Long Legs”

The Story of Hudson

The Story of Luna

The Story of Paulie

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